Ep 4: The City Girl Who Pushed Her Wheelbarrow to the Country [PODCAST]

Jill Winger and Her Life on the Prairie Homestead

Welcome to Episode 4 of Self-Sufficient Life! In this episode, you’ll hear the story of a little girl who pushed her city wheelbarrow to the life in the country she was destined for.

Little kids dream of becoming all kinds of things when they grow up, but usually outgrow their fantasies when they become adults. But every now and then a kid holds on tight and grows up to live her dream.

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Launch Your Farm WordPress Site in Under 15 Minutes

Whether you’re a homesteader, farmer, author or online marketer, the easiest way to build a marketing platform today is still via a blog.  And the best way to have control over your site is to host a WordPress site on Bluehost. That’s what I do and it’s what most leading bloggers and marketers do as well.

In the video below, I show you how to set up your blog in 15 minutes or less. I’ll even show you how to set-up WordPress, choose and customize a theme, set-up custom pages and create your first blog post.


Ep 3: The Traffic Jam That Sparked a Rural Revolution [PODCAST]

Welcome to Episode 3 of Self-Sufficient Life! In this episode, you’ll hear the story of how a monster traffic jam in Sacramento sparked a rural revolution in Idaho.

Patrice Lewis sat in a monster Sacramento traffic jam and reached her tipping point. Patrice was a project coordinator for an agricultural research firm in Sacramento.Her husband, Don, was a geologist with a geo-engineering firm.

They entered their respective fields because they loved the outdoors.But, as they sat in traffic with the heat waves rising from the asphalt, they realized the truth.They rarely got to be outdoors.

It had begun to gnaw at them. The commute. The flickering fluorescent lights. The cubicles. And the crowds.

They reached the tipping point–and fled. First to Oregon, but later deeper into the wilderness to an Idaho homestead.

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EP.2: The Queen of Chicken Blogs – How Lisa Steele Built the Brand, “Fresh Eggs Daily” [PODCAST]

Welcome to Episode 2 of Self-Sufficient Life! In this episode, you’ll hear the story of how Lisa Steele escaped the concrete jungle surrounding Wall Street and built a lucrative brand around backyard chickens.

Lisa Steele made Gordon Gecko proud, living the high-life on Wall Street during the go-go ’80s. But when terrorists bombed the World Trade Center for the first time in 1993, Lisa reached her tipping point and began looking for a simpler life. It was many years later when boredom and necessity motivated her to start writing about her passion; chickens.

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Homesteading Giveaway – Over $1,200

Alright, alright, alright (best Matthew McConaughey voice), my new podcast, Self-Sufficient Life, is now live! 

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Self-Sufficient Life Launch Giveaway!

My passion is inspiring people to become more self-sufficient, and I’m really excited about this new podcast! So much so that I want to spread the word far and wide, but I need your help. But first, here’s what’s in it for you!


EP.1: The American Dream Returns to the Farm – The Birth of Little Seed Farm [PODCAST]

Welcome to Episode 1 of Self-Sufficient Life! In this episode you’ll hear the story of how an investment banker and a fashion designer traded the glamour of Manhattan for goats and brambles in Tennessee.

Imagine being a young couple living the good life in New York. One’s an investment banker, the other’s a fashion designer and both are on their way to the top. Then, they get this wild idea–“Hey, let’s quit our jobs and move to the country to milk cows and make artisan cheese.” Only when they find their farm, it’s not what they imagined. One obstacle after another confronts James and Eileen Ray as they struggle to give birth to Little Seed Farm.

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EP1-Little Seed

SSL0: Self-Sufficient Life Coming Soon [PODCAST]

SelfSufficientLife LogoReduced

Lots of people would like to opt-out of the rat race and become more self-sufficient, but they all face a big hurdle: How can they afford to take the leap?

If you dream of starting a small farm, becoming a modern homesteader, or you just want to live more freely and simply, I’ve got some exciting news.

I’ve been thinking of creating a podcast for a long time–well over a year. And now, it’s here: the Self-Sufficient Life Podcast!

Each episode features an inspiring person who has opted out of the rat race and found ways to earn money living more self-sufficiently.

But it’s not just an interview show…it’s a narrated one-hour podcast, where I share the guest’s story in their words and mine, set against a background of music.

In a way it’s similar to narrative podcasts like This American Life, because, in Self-Sufficient Life, I narrate stories.

What kind of stories?

Stories of people who figured out how to make money homesteading through sustainable farming, cheese & soap making, pastured livestock and other “traditional” farming enterprises.

But I also feature insightful stories of innovative modern homesteaders.

Those who earn money through online marketing, podcasting, YouTube channels, essential oils, authoring Kindle books, selling online courses, blogging and other “non-traditional” ways.

It’s fun, inspiring and will give you lots of ideas on how to become more self-sufficient, whether you’re in suburbia or in the country.

So, get ready to tune in starting September 16, 2016.

And then, get ready to opt-out today!

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